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Unleash your creativity with our indoor Atelier in Social Apartment Hanakoganei!


Unleash your creativity with our indoor Atelier in Social Apartment Hanakoganei!

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We have a ton of artists living at Social Apartment! Architects, painters, musicians, sculptors, mangakas, fashion designers, photographers, etc…
One of the most frustrating thing for artists when moving in Tokyo, especially from overseas, is sometime having to give up your passion due to lack of space. Your creativity literally gets trapped and restrained by the lack of space Japanese accommodation usually offer.


Our company thought about those artists and decided to integrate an indoor shared Atelier space (French for “workshop” or “studio”) directly in one our property: Social Apartment Hanakoganei.


This Atelier is available 24/7 for free for all the tenants living in this property (inviting your friends is authorized). If you’re an artist, now you can begin creating immediately from home at the moment inspiration comes to you! You can paint or do your craft-work whatever you like in this room! Don’t worry about making the walls or floor dirty, unleash your creativity and get some work done.


That’s the perfect place for creative minds to meet each other!
Even if you are not an artist, the art space will let you experience art in a passive manner. Many events are also regularly organized by tenants in the atelier, where you can participate with other people to some art project, or preparing together Christmas or Halloween costumes and decorations.

Our Social Apartment Hanakoganei is also an amazing property that will give you access to an incredible large lounge, visually boosted with colorful chairs and sofas. Large, floor-to-ceiling glass windows illuminate the entire space with natural and warm sunlight, creating a warm and friendly environment beloved by residents and guests alike. Outside the lounge, the building features a visually stunning curved corridor reminiscent or Southern French Hotel architecture. With colorful accents and room signs, this kind of interior can not be found anywhere else in Japan.


Beyond the lounge’s windows is the courtyard and wooden-deck, the perfect space for enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, or a nice beer & barbecue with your friends in the evening.


Social Apartment Hanakoganei is located only 7-min walk from Hanakoganei Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line. You can access Takadanoababa without any transfer in only 20-minutes by train, and Shinjuku in only 25-minutes. Hanakoganei is the ideal location for students going to Takadanoababa or Waseda University!

Concentrated around Hanakoganei Station are a variety of supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes, as well as several beautiful parks. In particular, nearby Toritsu Koganei Park (about a 7 minute walk from Hanakoganei Station) is a huge municipal park, known as a great place for cherry blossom viewing (an absolute must-have cultural experience for anyone coming to Japan from abroad).

If you want to live in this incredible place and live a true Social Apartment lifestyle, find the latest availability for this property below:
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Perfect for students! Affordable rooms and straight access to both Takadanobaba and Shinjuku in only 25 minutes.

Room Type Size Rent  
205 1BR 10.08㎡ ¥45000 DETAIL
318 1BR 9.72㎡ ¥46000 DETAIL

※The rent price stated above is for a 2 years plan.