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World Neighbors Cafe – An Artists Appetite (christinemaricomics)


World Neighbors Cafe – An Artists Appetite (christinemaricomics)

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At Social Apartment, we equip our properties with many shared facilities for tenants to freely live out their desired lifestyle. High-end facilities for working, exercising, relaxing, socializing, and most importantly to some, cooking.

However, even with a spacious and fully equipped kitchen, some days when you feel exhausted and blank, the last thing you want to do is to think of a meal to prepare. On days like this, you may wish you had your own personal chef, or a restaurant right where you live. Well, we can fulfill that wish for you in two of our properties, World Neighbors Gokokuji and World Neighbors Kiyosumi Shirakawa, where we have a fully operational restaurant café in the property that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With an original menu that changes on a weekly basis, tenants at these properties receive up to 15,000yen’s worth of free café credits every month!

You may be wondering, how good’s the food though?

So, to review our food, we asked our good friend and artist Christine Mari to try out our food at World Neighbors Café Gokokuji! Christine is a popular comic artist that draws about her experiences living as a young ハーフ (half) woman in Japan and America, check out her comics on Instagram (@christinemaricomics) as we are big fans here at Social Apartment!

Appetizer – Chili con carne with tortilla chips

Why did we order the Chili Con Carne?
I don’t know, it said it was good! It is kind of different and it sounds kind of Mexican, I think it is right?

I think it is, how did you find it? Was it spicy?
It was good, not too spicy and better than what I expected! I really liked that they put chickpeas in it, it’s not really what you find in a normal chili. It was actually so good that I didn’t want to eat too much of it before the main dishes came.

Main – Summer Vegetable Risotto with Prosciutto and Chinese Style Bamboo and Shrimp

So, you ordered the Summer Vegetable Risotto, did it taste like summer?
I really liked it! It was not too heavy, and it was refreshing. I liked that they put prosciutto on top, it was a very nice balanced dish. It was delicious!

Was there anything else on the menu you wanted to try?
I really wanted to try dessert, but I was too full by the end! There was a frozen tiramisu for the weekly special and I wanted to try it, I’ll have to go again.

Christine enjoying a relaxed lunch!

How did you like the café and its atmosphere?
I liked it! I liked that there was a lot of natural light. It makes me feel like it would be a good place to work and draw. The atmosphere was relaxed and casual, it’s the type of place you want to bring your friends and catch up!

It must be really nice for people who live in the building to have such a nice café where they live, and they get to eat there for free right?

Yes, for 15,000yens worth a month
That would be so good, it makes me want to live here too!

Thanks for having lunch at our café!
Thanks for such a nice meal! I will definitely come back to eat again.


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SOCIAL APARTMENT×CAFE: Social Apartment's first on-site cafe! Incredible international community next to Ikebukuro.

Room Type Size Rent  
218 1BR 10㎡ ¥76000 DETAIL
413 1BR 10㎡ ¥79000 DETAIL
505 1BR 10㎡ ¥81000 DETAIL
513 1BR 10㎡ ¥77000 DETAIL

※The rent price stated above is for a 2 years plan.