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Online Property Viewings【 LIVE! by Social Apartment 】


Online Property Viewings【 LIVE! by Social Apartment 】

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Having both the comforts of a private apartment and the socialization of a share house is what distinguishes Social Apartment from other housing options in Japan.

Although it is a common standard to schedule a property viewing before deciding on an apartment, at Social Apartment we understand that different circumstances may prevent you from physically attending a viewing.

「I want to move on the day I arrive in Japan!」

「I live abroad so I can’t attend a viewing」

「My work schedule is too busy and I can’t reserve a time for a viewing…」

To help with hopeful applicants in similar situations, our team at Social Apartment is happy to introduce 【LIVE! by Social Apartment】, a service for online property viewings.

【Introducing – LIVE! by Social Apartment】

【LIVE! by Social Apartment】gives anyone anywhere with an internet connection a chance to extensive view one of our properties. Our experienced sales agents will help you through with a detailed video viewing of one of our Social Apartments, giving you insight on the facilities, private rooms, community, and lifestyle.

Reserving an Online Viewing

Reserving an online viewing is incredibly easy!

(1)Choose a property that interests you through our official Social Apartment website, and let us know through the Question/Preview Request for an 「Online Viewing」.

(2)Fill out the simple questionnaire along with the contact form, once that’s done we will schedule you in for a viewing date and time to your convenience.

(3)We will send you an email containing a link to an online viewing service, as well as a property pamphlet including detailed information regarding the price, property, rules and lifestyle. Please make sure to read the pamphlet and access the online viewing link the scheduled date and time.

(4)Our sales agent will be awaiting you in the online viewing room on the day!

This is the perfect chance for those who are unable to physically view a property, but still wish to see the inside of a Social Apartment and hear detailed explanations regarding the property by one of our sales agents.

Eligible properties can be chosen from the list of Social Apartments below. (※Unlisted properties will be added in the near future)

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