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Ebisu, Nakameguro, Daikanyama – The Trifecta of Tokyo Suburbs: The best restaurants, bars, and hangout spots in the neighborhood


Ebisu, Nakameguro, Daikanyama – The Trifecta of Tokyo Suburbs: The best restaurants, bars, and hangout spots in the neighborhood

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Tokyo is a vast city with countless suburbs of many interests. The city holds eccentric shops and venues you may never hear of upon your years of residence here.

You may find the amount of choice in places to go overwhelming, and this can be the same for a place you choose to live. Sometimes a lack of choice is not a deterrent for exploring, but on the contrary, an abundance of it can make it hard to know where to go, and Tokyo city is a good example of that.

In this article, I will introduce places in 3 trendy central suburbs in Tokyo, Ebisu, Nakameguro and Daikanyama. All within walking distance of one another, I consider them to be the trifecta of Tokyo suburbs when put together.

Within this trifecta of suburbs, we at Social Apartment hold two great properties, World Neighbors Ebisu, and Social Apartment Ebisu. Within a comfortable walking distance to the suggested places, we encourage those who are interested in the area to contact us for more information regarding the properties.

So, let us look at some of our recommended spots, the types of places that the tour guide articles do not tell you about!


Pizza Slice – Authentic NY pizza

Pizza Slice (Daikanyama) (
Pizza is something that we all feel passionate about, and when it comes to standards, deciding on what is a good pizza comes under strict scrutiny. If we are talking about New York-style pizza, Pizza Slice takes the crown as the king of Tokyo. If you want affordable (400 ~ 600yen) and tasty NY-style pizza, Pizza Slice is one place you must visit.

The Daikanyama Pizza Slice is the original flagship store, the store itself has a very hip vibe with a modern interior, obviously designed with a New York deli influence in mind. If you’re around the neighborhood and want a quick bite with a friend, Pizza Slice can never do you wrong!

Bar Crimjon (
Looking for a cozy bar with a great selection of music that you can request? For fans of classic, alternative or post-rock, this is the place to visit. Bar Crimjon is a small basement counter bar, the walls are lined with thousands of CDs and records that can be requested for play. The owner is an eccentric and fun old Japanese man with a great love of music, hit it off well and you can easily find yourself chatting about albums and songs for hours. The drinks are tasty and the sound system here is fully immersive, have a few drinks and you will feel the music with all senses.

Daikanyama T-Site – An afternoon well spent

Daikanyama T-Site (
If you’re in Daikanyama and you want coffee, or you want to eat, or you want to find a quiet place to work, or you want to buy books, or you want to look at some art… you get the drift. Daikanyama T-Site has all of that and more.

The establishment is beautifully designed for a comfortable experience. Whether you visit to dine, work, or shop, time spent here is time well spent. Especially for those who want to pick up some art or books written in English and foreign languages, the Tsutaya store at Daikanyama T-Site offers a respectful selection.

Terra Burger and Bowl (
Want a fix of the meatiest vegan burgers in town? Terra Burger in Daikanyama offers some of the best vegan burgers in Tokyo at a reasonable price. If you’re not feeling like a burger, they also offer a bowl meal chock full of vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans for the more health-conscious among us.

Terra Burger and Bowl is also a gem for those who are looking for gluten-free options, pay a small optional fee and change your bun to a gluten-free option! Gluten-free, vegan and sustainable, what else can you ask for?


Some of the local street art in Nakameguro

Street Art in Nakameguro
Nakameguro is home to a lot of unexpected street art and culture. People may have differing opinions regarding the ethics of street art, but undeniably there are some cool looking murals and graffiti around the area. Nakameguro is known to be a suburb with a hip atmosphere, and good street art compliments Nakameguros atmosphere well.

Take a stroll around with a coffee in hand and discover surprising pieces of art around every street corner, who knows, you might just come across a Banksy piece

Nakameguro Park – Street Basketball Court

Nakameguro Park (
A few minutes’ walk from our Social Apartment properties, you can find a very relaxing open grass park right in Nakameguro. A place where local families and friends gather when the sun shines warm, the park offers a spacious grass area where you can find many picnic-goers enjoying a warm day out. The park offers a small botanical garden where you can learn about different flowers and plants, a small pond with fishes and turtles, as well as a small play area for kids to do their thing.

A favorite among young adults is the street basketball court. Whether you’re there to shoot some casual hoop or want to play a half-court game with friends, this is one of the very few street basketball courts in Tokyo. Highly recommended if you want to polish up your 3-pointers!

Bells- Hotdog looking too tasty

Bells Nakameguro (
Want to have some authentic New York-style hotdogs in Tokyo? Tucked away behind a secluded alley in Nakameguro you will find Bells, a small hotdog store with special home-made sausages. Another fantastic venue that caters to people of different diets, you can customize your order with different toppings, bread, and sausages that are either made of soy or chicken!

The interior has hot-pink walls lined with funky art and skateboards, it’s almost impossible not to take a snap of your hotdog for Instagram!

Junkadelic – Look at that chimichangas!

Junkadelic (
When I want to eat big and eat Mexican, I have one place I go to and it’s Junkadelic! As the name implies, if you want to fill yourself with the good kind of junk, there’s no better place than here. A popular restaurant for all lovers of Mexican cuisine in Tokyo, whether you want to eat alone, with friends, with a date or for a party, this restaurant is fit for any occasion.
The portions are big, you are definitely not going home on an empty stomach! I personally recommend the chimichangas and nacho plate to share. The atmosphere at Junkadelic is very casual and fun. You won’t be able to help but get a few drinks, a mojito usually does the trick.

Komeisen – Mural at the sento entrance

Komeisen (
A bathhouse in Japan was once considered somewhat of a social hub, where locals came together to share a chat and cleanse themselves from a hard day’s work. Komeisen keeps that tradition going, being the only public bathhouse in Nakameguro, the establishment is a favorite for many locals who enjoy a hot soak in spacious baths and kicking back with mates at a sauna.
The highlight of the bathhouse is the outdoor bath, which interchanges between men’s and women’s depending on the week. Make sure to check their website to see if the outdoor bath is available for your gender group before going!

Baja (
A 5-minute walk away from Nakameguro station and you’ll find the coziest little Mexican-themed bar in Tokyo. Baja is a small bar that serves affordable drinks and Mexican food. The burritos here are cheap for their portion size (\500~\800), and all drinks are \500, not a bad spot for people who want to spend a night out on a budget. The layout of the bar is very cozy, with a maximum capacity of around 7~10 people, this is one of those little bars that you just can’t hate!

If you live around the Nakameguro area, Baja easily satisfies quick dinner plans with their easy and affordable take-out burritos. Baja is also somewhat of a meet-up spot for Nakameguro locals, whether you’re there to enjoy a meal to meet some kindred spirits, Baja does not upset.


Falafel Brothers – The Falafel rice bowl set is a great wholesome meal

Falafel Brothers Ebisu (
This is for all the vegans, vegetarians, or people that want to take a break away from meat! Falafel Brothers is a fantastic vegan restaurant with locations in Ebisu, Roppongi and Shibuya. They specialize in falafels, a traditional middle eastern food made from ground chickpeas and generally had together with pita bread, this tasty vegan meal packs a bunch of protein and flavors!

The restaurant also serves an array of vegan foods, from vegan burgers to vegan pizza, a great venue that caters to all diets! A lively establishment at night, you will find a very multicultural crowd enjoying a fun and lively outing during evening hours.

Ebisu Banh Mi Bakery (
This is for all the Banh Mi lovers. Want to know the best place to get your fix of delicious Vietnamese sandwiches? This is the be all end all for Banh Mi in Tokyo, nothing comes close to Ebisu Banh Mi Bakery. The crisp outer layer of the flavorful bread, the chewy texture, tasteful ingredients of choice and the affordability makes this place a go-to takeout meal for those who know.

Located just a 2-minute walk from Ebisu Station, treat yourself to some good Banh Mi next time you’re around town, your tastebuds deserve it!

Jollys – Liquor Store ☆ Sound Studio

Jollys Liquor Store☆Sound Studio (
If you are a lover of craft beer and enjoy trying out different brands and brews, Jollys is a liquor store in Ebisu with a reputable selection. The great thing is that the liquor store is also a standing bar, meaning you can enjoy liquor store priced drinks straight from the fridge, while enjoying a bar environment right in store. With many import beers from across the globe, for a quick catch up with mates and tasty affordable beers, a night out at Jollys can never go wrong.

The store atmosphere is lively, themed around beach and surfing culture, the warm and colorful decorations compliment a good time drinking good beer. Jollys also offers a basement space that can be rented out as a sound studio, great for local bands to have practice sessions. Located relatively close by to Ebisu Station on a main road Jollys is hard to miss unless you miss going back!

Analog Cafe – Tasty-looking lunch meals!

Analog Café (
Say you’re in Ebisu, you’re meeting a friend or a date for a casual lunch and you still have no idea where to go. The solution? Analog Café, a hidden-gem located 2-minutes’ walk from the station.

This retro-themed café has a very cozy and comfortable atmosphere, but the atmosphere is bettered only by the amazing lunch-time food menu. Affordable, stylish, nutritional and filling, the lunch-time menu changes weekly and caters to a good plate of spaghetti, pasta, curry or a rice plate with fish or meat. Whether you want a quiet meal for yourself, or you want a relaxed catch-up with an old friend, Analog Café comfortably accompanies you with the slow flow of time.

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