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More than just amazing facilities.
An entirely new way of thinking about living spaces!

What is Social Apartment?

We believe that Social Apartment represents a new standard in what life in a shared property can look like. It's our philosophy that living with others can be one of the most fruitful and formative experiences one can have.


Fully private room kept perfectly separate from the shared areas.


Starting from the stylish designer lounges, our residents have a variety of amenities provided to bring more fulfilling social interactions to their lives.

Enjoying both community and exclusivity is the essence of the Social Apartment lifestyle!

4 keys that makes Social Apartment the perfect accommodation

Incomparable quality!

All of our lounges and common spaces are carefully designed to create the finest environment possible for forging relationships. We believe that our customers deserve the best, so we strive to provide it for them in whatever way possible.

Real cultural immersion in a Japanese environment!

There is no better way to understand the Japanese way of thinking and Japanese culture than to live with Japanese people. With 80% Japanese residents living in Social Apartment, foreigners and locals are learning new things from each other every day.

Much more than just a place to sleep!

In-house cafes, billiard rooms, fitness studios, business lounges, and rooftop terraces... Just to name a few. These spaces allow our residents to experience a standard living that you could never dream of in a simple one-room apartment.

A seamless connection of Public & Private.

With your private room kept perfectly separate, feel free to enjoy the public spaces on your own terms. This new balance of social and secluded provides opportunities to meet new people, forge new relationships and enjoy the full spectrum of human interaction all from the comfort of your own home.