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AREA:ICHIKAWA Property in Chiba Ichikawa

Social apartment provides a luxurious shared lounge for residents to communicate. Quality is far higher than guesthouse, and your privacy is completely secured. Experience the revolutionary lifestyle never meet any guesthouse or apartment. Find your best social apartment from the list located in throughout Tokyo.
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A property promising a relaxing lifestyle. Come experience a top-class urban resort!
Room Type Size Rent CF Fee Utility Comments Detail
215 1BR 9.72 ㎡ ¥48000 ¥8000 ¥13200 ※Now Available DETAIL
305 1BR 9.72 ㎡ ¥52000 ¥8000 ¥13200 ※Now Available DETAIL
403 1BR 9.72 ㎡ ¥49000 ¥8000 ¥13200 Now Available DETAIL

※The rent price stated above is for a 2 years plan.

13-minute walk from "Motoyawata" station on the Tobu Shinjuku Line and JR Sobu Line / 15-minute walk from "Keisei Hachiman" station on the Keisei Line

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