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Look No Further for the Best Access in Tokyo


Look No Further for the Best Access in Tokyo

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Sometimes you gotta be right in the middle of the action. In Tokyo, that means you have to be in walking distance of the Yamanote Line Loop. What does that mean in plain English? Amazing access to the biggest stations in Tokyo. 

(The Yamanote Line Train Car Passing Tokyo Station)

#1 Harajuku
Closest Social Apartment: Social Apartment Harajuku 
Need we say more? One of Japan's most iconic cultural centers. 

#2 Shinjuku 
Closest Social Apartment: Gunkan Higashi-Shinjuku
The most used train station in the world right at your door step? Access doesn't get much better than that. 

#3 Ebisu
Closest Social Apartment: World Neighbors Ebisu, Social Apartment Ebisu
Ranked again and again as the most desirable place to live in Tokyo by the Japan Times, when in doubt Ebisu is always the best choice. 

#4 Meguro
Closest Social Apartment: Neighbors Meguro

Just one station from Ebisu. Neighbors Meguro features a very classy bar theme, so you don't always have to go to one of the billion amazing bars around the station--the coolest bar is right in your living room.

#5 Tokyo Station / Otemachi

WAVES HAMACHO, World Neighbors Gokokuji 
The financial center of Tokyo and Japan, Otemachi. If you didn't know Otemachi refers to Otekigyou, a word the biggest and most important companies in the country. WAVES Hamacho and World Neighbors Gokokuji are located about as close as you can be to Tokyo Station unless you are prepared to live in an office building.