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Discover the Convenience and Vibrant Nature of Living in Oizumigakuen


Discover the Convenience and Vibrant Nature of Living in Oizumigakuen

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Hey, my name is Rana from the Sales team!

I recently became the staff in charge of our  Social Apartment Oizumigakuen. I took a day outing to better understand the area so let me share a peak at what living in Oizumigakuen offers.

If you have never heard of Oizumigakuen then you are missing out. One of Tokyo’s best ranked places to live, Oizumigakuen offers not only beautiful and abundant nature but also convenient access to the center of the city, just 16 minutes to Ikebukuro station by train.


First, Oizumigakuen station gives you access to Ikebukuro in 16 minutes, Shinjuku in 26 minutes, and Shibuya in 33 minutes.

While the train is convenient enough, there are also over 1000 buses that run through the area allowing easy avenue to anywhere that the train doesn’t go directly. There are also plenty of bicycle parking spaces around the station for local excursions.


Out the North exit you will come face to face with some of Oizumigakuen’s interesting culture and history.


Astro Boy will be there to welcome you at the Anime Gate.


Oizumigakuen is actually home to Toei Animation Studios and is known as the birthplace of Japanese Anime. Everything from old school Ranma ½ to the infamous One Piece is brought to life right here!

Anybody know Tomorrow’s Joe (Ashita no Joe)?
Anime aside, the Toei Filming Studio’s are also close by which is needless to say exciting for any film fan. Especially since T-JOY Seibu Oizumi exhibits a 9-screen cinema to enjoy the latest films on the big screen right next to where some of them were produced!


Throughout the station vicinity there are various stores and shopping centers. On the North side, Grand Emio, the opposite side Yumeria Fuente and more provide you with all your fashion, food and other needs.

(Yummy Lunch at To The Herbs at Yumeria Fuente)

At Yumeria Fuente there is also a Starbucks, and for those late nights a large grocery store open until 1AM. Of course there are also closer grocery stores by Social Apartment Oizumigakuen so you have plenty of choices.


Just a short walk from the station there is also Oak Plaza which has fitness gym JOYFIT, and a Daiso as well as other stores.


From the station it takes about a 15 minute walk to Social Apartment Oizumigakuen. Or you could use the bus which will get you there in just 5 minutes. With buses every 5 minutes or so the bus stop just 2 minutes from the property is extremely convenient. You can even directly access the ever popular Kichijouji and Asagaya from the bus stop.



(Kitazono Bus Stop, just 2 minutes from Social Apartment Oizumigakuen)

In addition to the access, Oizumigakuen is well known for its nature. Over 55 acres, Shakuji Park is one of the largest parks in all of Tokyo following Ueno Park. For sports enthusiasts you can find tennis courts, basketball courts and even a baseball and soccer field here! (Golfers can use the driving range next to the property!)


Nature lovers will not be disappointed, as you enter the park you will find yourself surrounded by a vibrant forest famous for bird watching.

Trek deeper, you may come upon one of the two large ponds.


With the crisp air, greenery and peaceful ripples on the pond as ducks passed by, your worries will float away as relaxation takes over. The perfect spot to enjoy every season encompassed by the great outdoors away from the concrete jungle.

There is plenty more to discover every time you visit the park, including the many small shrines and even the remains of Shakuji castle.


As I walked from park towards the station I was greeted by a gorgeous sunset.

Generous convenience and bountiful nature, Oizumigakuen certainly is rightfully highly ranked as one of the best places to live.


Enjoy the Social Apartment lifestyle of advanced design, an exciting community paired with plenty of privacy.
You can find more about Social Apartment Oizumigakuen here.

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