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Social Apartment Ebisu – A tenant’s perspective. The Convenience of Living Near the Bustling City


Social Apartment Ebisu – A tenant’s perspective. The Convenience of Living Near the Bustling City

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Imagine there is a city that never sleeps, populated by people that never stop moving. A place so abundant with attractions that your eyes are given no chance for rest, only the option to wander.

Imagine this city being the most populated city in the world. Imagine living in a walking proximity to the very heart of that city. A heart that beats through the night, one that beats with the music and laughter that spills out from every shop. A heart that beats with every siren, with every blinking neon sign, with each train that rumbles and reverberates as it disappears off to the next most lively suburb.

That is the place where I live, a Social Apartment located so closely to the heart of Tokyo called Shibuya, it might as well be one of its arteries.
This property that I live in is Social Apartment Ebisu.

Figure 1: Ebisu Garden Place illuminated at night, only a 7-minute walk from the property.

Social Apartment Ebisu is located conveniently between 3 major stations; Ebisu Station, Meguro Station and Nakameguro Station. With these 3 stations around, you have access to 8 different train lines that can pump you through Tokyo to your desired destination.

The 3 stations are also some of the liveliest suburbs in Tokyo. Meguro being home to impressive office skyscrapers, Ebisu a place to spend a casual Sunday afternoon at a posh cafe or beer garden, or Nakameguro, a town so hip if you aren’t up to date on what’s cool, this place will push you to be.

As someone who has previously lived an hour commute to all these places, living in Social Apartment Ebisu has completely changed my work and social lifestyle. Working in Shibuya, I have the option now to walk to my workplace for the first time. Although a 30-minute walk to my office, with a bicycle you can zip past through streets overtaking cars, making the commute within 10 to 15 minutes.
Missing the last train is no longer a daunting thought at Social Apartment Ebisu. A night out in Shibuya can still mean a nice sobering walk home or a cheap taxi ride back. The JR Yamanote Line operates until 1:20am, an hour longer than all other train lines. No need to finish that last beer in a hurry while everyone else rushes in panic mode.

Being so close to these spots means you’re able to pick and choose events, parties and gigs to attend without making the commitment to stay out until the first train. Keep in mind though, once your friends find out where you live, you no longer have the excuse to not attend that event on Saturday night, and pleas to crash at your place will be a regular deal.

Figure 2: Sakura trees, taken a 2-minute walk from the property at Meguro river.

The community at the property is as vibrant as the city it is located in. Reflecting the multicultural vibe of Ebisu with many expat workers living in the area, a third of the tenants at Social Apartment Ebisu are international. Many of the Japanese residents are also able to speak English, and if you come on down to the lounge after 8pm you’re bound to find an active bunch to share a meal or drink with.

Once a week, residents like to get together and go out for a bite or stroll. I personally go to Nakameguro with some of my housemates quite regularly, and there’s never a shortage of bars and restaurants around the area to choose from. We tend to eat different ethnic foods every week, something you shouldn’t get used to as it’s quite the luxury.

There are a total of 36 people living in the property, which is quite a small number for a Social Apartment, but with the community being friendly and active there’s rarely a boring period. Many of the residents like to hold parties and get-togethers with their friends from outside of the property as well. Being in a prime location in the city, it’s a great place to invite your friends and hold a barbecue on the rooftop in the summer or a cozy dinner party in the lounge for the winter.

Figure 3: Panorama shot of Shibuya Crossing, a 35-minute walk from the property.

Living in the most populated city in the world is one thing, living in the heart of that city is a whole new experience, something most people will never experience. If you wish for the convenience while also taking in consideration the affordability of the rooms at this property, Social Apartment Ebisu might just be the place you shouldn’t miss out on checking.

L. Riviere
Tenant at Social Apartment Ebisu

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Located in the middle of one of the most high-class residential area in the heart of Tokyo.

Room Type Size Rent  
210 1BR 11.06㎡ ¥91,000 DETAIL
212 1BR 10.68㎡ ¥91000 DETAIL
404 1BR 8.33㎡ ¥87,000 DETAIL

※The rent price stated above is for a 2 years plan.