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Take a look at the Shopping Complex attached to Terminals Ibaraki


Take a look at the Shopping Complex attached to Terminals Ibaraki

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Our very new Social Apartment 「TERMINALS Ibaraki」was opened 1 June 2019 in Osaka.
Located on the 5, 6th floor of a shopping complex that is owned by JR West Japan Railway Company is an irregular challenge for Social Apartment.
Let us share some of great tips around the building with you, the VIERRA Ibaraki shinchujo, for those who are interested in moving into our brand new property.

With Its Total Floor Size Over 10,000㎡


Tenants that make up 1~2nd floor of VIERRA Ibaraki Shinchujo vary from supermarket, drug stores, clinics, restaurants and hairdresser that will make your life at complete ease with literally one step away from your door.
There are dorms for students on 3~4th floor which are not part of Social Apartment, but only 5~6th floor is where our tenants have just began to experience their new life style with us.

Convenient Grocery Store Open until Late


Supermarket Izumiya is opened until 12am where all our hard-working tenants will still get enough time to shop after long day of work.
It also reduces hassle to carry heavy groceries but just going up the building is what you can have by living at TERMINALS Ibaraki.

Drug Store at Your Door


The drug store, Kokokarafain, is located on the 2nd floor of the building where you can find products that are not sold in the supermarket.
Having a well-equipped drug store at your doorstep is like a dream especially like the times when you purchase large items such as tissues or toilet papers.

Medical Clinics for Sudden Incidents


You will find couple of medical clinics next to the drug store on the 2nd floor.
Clinics as in physician, orthopedic and dermatology can be found within the building which are very useful in case of sudden incidents.

Hairdresser with View


Along the road on the 1st floor is where hairdresser「Spin hair」is.
It has widows on one side of the wall with view of outside that will make your hour waiting for your hair to be done less boring.

Eco Friendly Cafe


「satono」is right next to the hairdresser where you can treat yourself with seasonal meals with full of nutrition. This place is already being loved by neighbors, especially with ladies who wants to have that nice break in the sunny afternoon.

Late Night Ramen


Menya Fukuchan serves you that flavorful Ramen until 23:30 pm at night which we all crave for after that couple of drinks with your friends from the property.
Or you can always have a drinking party at the lounge and come down for ramen to wash down the alcohol.


How did you like VIERRA Ibaraki Shinchujo with TERMINALS Ibaraki so far?
The complex provides almost everything you could ask for that will prosper your daily lifestyle. Wouldn’t you want to be part of it?

Inquire TERMINAKS Ibaraki:

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Next-level convenience located on both JR Kyoto line and Hankyu Kyoto line!

Room Type Size Rent  
507 1K 21.6㎡ ¥64000 DETAIL
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※The rent price stated above is for a 2 years plan.