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Know Your Community (Osaka Edition): Terminals Ibaraki Opening Party!


Know Your Community (Osaka Edition): Terminals Ibaraki Opening Party!

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Hello everyone! This is Ichikawa from the Tokyo Social Apartment Sales Department.

I just had the pleasure of going to Osaka to get the scoop on what our communities out West in the Kansai area are like. 

My timing couldn’t have been better because our sales team in Kansai were holding an opening party for our newest property Terminals Ibaraki the day we arrived. 
About 25 people total from our other Social Apartments in Kansai Terminals Takatsuki and Otowa Kobe-Motomachi. 

By the time my colleagues and I arrived at the property, tenants from Terminals Ibaraki and Terminals Takatsuki were already in the kitchen whipping up an amazing looking Mexican feast.

One of the best parts about Terminals Ibaraki is the open kitchen!

There was plenty of Corona and guacamole, but even a Mexican-themed party in Osaka isn’t complete without the classic Kansai dish, Takoyaki. (Did we mention there’s a takoyaki grill in every one of our properties?) 
I grew up in Northeast Japan where we don’t really have this kind of culture, so I was shocked to say the least, (and a little jealous, Takoyaki is so good).


Now it’s time to party!
Other tenants from the property started to come out as soon as the amazing looking food hit the table. It was really great to see everyone from all of our properties introduce themselves to each other.


It wasn’t too hard for everyone to get to know each other with a cold beer in hand and a plate of amazing food.


The tenants in Osaka were even nice enough to start giving lessons to first-timers. Apparently it’s all in the wrists!


After getting our fill of the amazing spread, we gradually moved to the second lounge to enjoy a game or two of billiards.


Billiards is a really great icebreaker when you are meeting people for the first time. and the atmosphere got even better when the advanced players started teaching the beginners.

Again, there’s nothing like a game of billiards over a cold beer. (Ok, I didn’t drink that much and I technically wasn’t at work!)

Your own private beer garden! One last cheer on the Terminals Ibaraki roof.

Everyone gathered together on the rooftop terrace at the very end to wrap things up with a finals cheers. It was so amazing to see people make friends with tenants from other properties and I heard multiple people invite others to their properties. (Even I got an invitation to Motomachi-Kobe the next day!)


Here’s our last group photo. Even though there’s tenants from all three Kansai properties and Social Apartment Staff too, at the end of the day everyone were just friends at a good house party.


At the end of the day, I could tell that our communities in Kansai were only going to grow stronger and stronger and that the concept works just as well if not even better (they do say that people in Kansai are friendly, right?) in Western Japan. 

We are still looking for new members to join our community at Terminals Ibaraki. How about joining the party?

◇Terminals Ibaraki:

(Text by ICHIKAWA)

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