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SOCIAL GAMING NIGHT vol.1 - Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament


SOCIAL GAMING NIGHT vol.1 - Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament

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Global Agents is ready to put our Social Apartment residents to the test!
A test of the highest competitive nature, a test that may end up severing friendships, a test… to find out who exactly is the BEST.

We will be holding our very first edition of SOCIAL GAMING NIGHT, a gaming event, and this time, for a game many feel a blazing passion for… Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

Come down and join us for a Super Smash Brothers tournament, with drinks, snacks, and prizes to be won, it’s finally time to really prove who’s the best Smash player around.

Check below for further details on prizes, rules, and how to apply!


•1st Place: ¥30,000 Prize!

•2nd Place: ¥10,000 Prize!
•3rd Place: ¥5,000 Prize!


*No gaming knowledge required! The event is opened to all levels.

[DATE] April 21st, 2019 (Sunday)
[TIME] Registration 4PM / Tournament starts at 5PM
[VENUE] The Millennials Shibuya (1-20-13 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041)

[FEE] 1,500yen (incl. 1 drink + free snacks)
[CAPACITY] 64 participants
[DEADLINE] April 14th, 2019 – 8PM


● Battle: 1on1
● Rules: 3 stock & 5 minutes
● Final Smash Meter: On
● Stages: 11 pre-selected stages (see list below)
● Stage Morph: Off
● Stage Hazards: On
● Fighters: Any Character (can be changed between each round)

– The Tournament will consist of one single-elimination bracket, meaning each player will get one game to see if they progress to the next round.
– Semi-Finals & Finals will be determined by a best of 3 games.
– Tournament will be a first in first served basis and structure will be determined by the number of registrations.


● Battlefield
● Final Destination
● Lylat Cruise
● Pokemon Stadium 2
● Smashville
● Castle Siege
● Kalos Pokemon League
● Town & City
● Unova Pokemon League
● Yoshi’s Story
● Yoshi’s Island (Brawl)


● Pro Controller (Provided)
● Joy Con Controller (Not provided)
● GameCube controller (Not provided)

For ease of access, tournament staff will provide the Nintendo Pro Controllers. However, the Joy Cons and GameCube controllers are all permitted control options. Turbo/macro options on controllers are banned. Players are able to bring own controllers if they wish. Please note that controllers are the player’s responsibility.

Players who act disorderly, unsportsmanlike and/or disrespectfully towards others will not be tolerated and can be disqualified from the tournament. This will also be noted for future events. We want this to be a fun enjoyable experience for everyone. Please note there are no refunds. If you have any questions please feel free to let us know.

Thank you and we hope you have a fun and exciting experience!

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