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Ways to Stay Productive in Your Room


Ways to Stay Productive in Your Room

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I hope you have all been safe and well, Reo from Global Agents here!

Times have been tough with the recent pandemic. Many lives have been affected and not just directly by the health implications of the virus, but with business restrictions and lockdown proposals. Personally, I have been staying at home in my Social Apartment room, with most of my work becoming remote. Remaining productive in times of diminished social contact can be a job in itself! Rather than turning into Jack Nicholson in The Shining, here is a list of things that can keep you busy and mindful!


Rearrange your room

A great way to improve your time inside your room is to rearrange it. It can be a surprise how slight changes like moving your bed to a different corner or adding a new bookshelf, can positively change your daily routines. Especially for those spending extensive amounts of time working from home, this can greatly influence your productivity and general well-being.

How about getting a little funky and adding some quirky ornaments? Maybe a potted plant? Give yourself some time to arrange your room either to improve it aesthetically or for more space!


Workout in your room

This has been my greatest change in the past few months, and a positive one! My local gym closed as Tokyo announced its state of emergency, and for many of us this meant a huge dent in keeping fit and healthy. Especially for people who are used to working out with weights and machines, losing your physical progress from the gym can be a daunting prospect.

I personally took to purchasing a yoga-mat and creating space in my room for body-weight home workouts. There is a plethora of home workout videos on Youtube that focus on many aspects of physical fitness, with many requiring absolutely no equipment! At first, I was skeptical, but after following videos with a routine, I came to find that you can workout just as hard from home as you do at the gym. There is also no pressure from the watchful eyes of other gym-goers, and since you’re in your room you can work out comfortably in some loose slacks. If you’re lucky, your Social Apartment might have a nice rooftop for a refreshing workout experience!

I have listed a few of my favorite home-workout videos that I use below, but with a quick browse on Youtube, you are bound to find something that works well for you!

20 Minute Full Body Workout (No Equipment)
16 Minute Low Impact Workout
20 Minute Advanced Bodyweight Workout
20 Minute Full Body Flexibility

Message an old friend

Sometimes we forget to message people, and sometimes we forget about friends and family that we once communicated with, but sadly do not anymore. I recently went through my list of old Facebook, Instagram, and Line messages, and was surprised to find many old friends and family I had not talked to in well over a year. Why not take time out of the day to message someone you haven’t talked to in a while? It is a great way to reconnect and reestablish forgotten connections, and who wouldn’t be happy to receive a message from an old friend out of the blue? I do advise not messaging your ex though, forget it.


Take Online Courses

There are many websites offering online courses, many of them for discounted rates or even free! With online learning becoming a more established platform for all levels of education, now is a great chance to take advantage of some of these courses.

There are many websites and platforms to choose from, and a lot of courses even offer a form of certificate or degree upon completion. Some well-established and renown universities (Harvard anyone?) have also been offering free and discounted online courses. Hey, maybe it’s finally time to wear that Yale sweater you bought at a thrift store, technically you studied their course, right?

Finally pick up that indoor hobby!

Been putting off hobbies and interests? Maybe your work hours, commute, or a lack of flexibility to be home in general prevented you from picking up that book or learning how to draw. For those who work remotely now, it has become harder to come up with a valid excuse as to why we are not doing something. Let us just give up the excuses and finally take up that one indoor hobby you’ve always wanted to do. Whether it’s learning a new language, or just taking care of a small potted plant, there’s a lot you can do with the extra time you have with working remotely!

If you’re unsure of what you like doing as a hobby, try thinking back to when you were younger and remember what you used to enjoy as a kid or young adult. You would be surprised how uncovering long lost interests can spark motivation, trying out something you haven’t done in a while can bring you newfound dedication to the craft.

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