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World Neighbors Gokokuji – An Artists Perspective


World Neighbors Gokokuji – An Artists Perspective

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World Neighbors Gokokuji currently holds Social Apartments largest community. Boasting 180 rooms with tenants from all walks of life, this property offers the best opportunity for those who wish to socialize and make friends.

Over the New Year period, our friend Brit stayed at World Neighbors Gokokuji for 3 days. Brit is a unique artist based in London, an avid traveler and a fan of Japan, she visits Japan yearly for artistic inspiration and to satisfy her curiosity in Japanese culture. If you are interested, check out Brit’s Instagram as she has an interesting page and a significant following.
Aside from art and being a general people’s person, Brit dabbles in various scenes with many interests, and what better place for her to stay than at Social Apartment! Here we follow Brit’s 3 day adventure at World Neighbors Gokokuji.


How was your stay at World Neighbors Gokokuji?

My stay at World Neighbors Gokokuji was beyond my expectations! It has everything you could ever need! Study room, common room, kitchen, showers, even a Café! I felt at home straight away!

Meet any cool people?

I met some of the residents in the common areas and joined in with them playing the new Nintendo Switch. I also got to participate in a shodo event to celebrate the new year!

How did you find the facilities, and what was your favorite?

I loved the facilities, the huge kitchen, common spaces, work space and bathrooms were amazing. I felt like I was living in luxury! I really enjoyed waking up early just to take a bath and use the beauty room (including the massage chair). Oh, and the rooftop was perfect, and has the BEST views of Tokyo, it’s really easy to get creatively inspired when you have a view like that in your own apartment block!


Living in this kind of community as an artist, does it inspire you, and if so how?

I think that living in this type of community would definitely inspire and fuel my creativity – diversity and connecting with people is the best thing for being creative.
I loved staying and drew whilst I was there – the rooftop is perfect to look over Tokyo and watch life, the work station room in the apartment is perfect for sitting down to design and meeting lots of the people who live there, all of whom have different hobbies and jobs – are totally inspiring.

What did you think of Gokokuji as a neighborhood?

I really like it! It’s peaceful, but still so close to the craziness of busier neighborhoods like Ikebukuro so you can have the best of both worlds. It is super easy to get to by train, because you can walk to Gokokuji Station or Shin-Otsuka Station – both are equally as close to the apartment!


Would you consider living at Social Apartment?

Absolutely, I love meeting new people, but still having my own space is important to me, and the apartment is a perfect compromise for people who really want to meet new people from all different walks of life. It’s such a great varied group of people who live there, it creates a brilliantly interesting community to live within! I wouldn’t think twice about living in a place like World Neighbors – it’s amazing.

Any parting words you’d like to say?

Thank you so much for my stay – it really enhanced my Tokyo experience and I can’t wait to move in one day!


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Room Type Size Rent  
501 1BR 10㎡ ¥80000 DETAIL
515 1BR 10㎡ ¥85000 DETAIL
704 1BR 10㎡ ¥83000 DETAIL

※The rent price stated above is for a 2 years plan.