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Experience a new lifestyle in a large scale community!


Experience a new lifestyle in a large scale community!

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On the JR Chuo/Sobu Line, you'll find our Social Apartment Shin-Kemigawa, one of our most popular property in the Chiba area. With 102 rooms in total, this property is our second largest Social Apartment, right after our World Neighbors Gokokuji (180 rooms).

The absolutely HUGE 160 square meters lounge has been designed with three separated themed areas – Living, Dining, and Playing. You'll also find an large fitness room, a working space and a wooden deck outside the building to enjoy a nice barbecue in the summer. A Car Sharing system is also available for those who can drive in Japan.

With 102 rooms, it goes without saying that the community is also very large and that's one of the reasons why this property is so popular. There is plenty of opportunity to meet new people every day and expand your group of friends, but also to participate to all the different kind of events often organized by the tenants itself, in or outside the property.

(The main lounge in Shin-Kemigawa)

But what kind of people exactly live in such a large-scale Share House?
Let's hear about it in detail from Mr. Ishida, a Japanese tenant who's been living there for 2 years already.

13323575_1201115323253623_1090256346213943280_o(Mr. Ishida on the right side)

- SA: Could you tell us more about the kind of people living in Social Apartment Shin-Kemigawa?

- Ishida: Well first, I think the question is "what kind of people don't live there?!" (Laugh)?! With 100 people living here, you'll definitely find all ages, all nationalities, employees, students, artists, freelance, people with all kind of different passions... To be very honest with you, it's actually hard to answer this question since you can literally finds all kinds of people.

It might sound a bit scary at first, but it's actually so much fun because you can be sure to find someone to get along after moving-in. Thus, the screening selection that Social Apartment does for each new tenant made me feel at peace, I knew that only good people with no criminal background, whiling to share and experience this kind of community lifestyle, would be living there.

For example, one of my best friend here was a public employee for the government. Due to his job condition, he was free everyday after 5pm, and you could always find him in the common area communicating with other people.

One of my other good friend was a really busy guy, planning to open his own company. Since he was focused on his project, you could always find him in the working studio/library, studying tons of business book. Because he was always there, looking so serious, other people got interested in his story and joined him in the studio. He got along with few people there and they finally all decided to get associate and open the company together. He's now a real business man with a growing & promising company.


There are people will kind of jobs living here; hairdresser, nurse, doctors, even firefighters! It made me feel very secure in a way. Because of their different job, a lot of people are off on the weekdays, so you'll always find someone available even in the middle of the week. Each week, we organize a lunch party in the lounge with people that are not working during the week. There is always something to do.

Also, you can literally ask any kind of service to anyone.
I don't count how many free haircut or free food I got by living here!! (Laugh) ^o^

If I have to make a list of all the interesting professions I've met here, I would say:
Bankers, doctors, lawyers, architects, advertisement, IT, designer, music producer, musicians, painter, Mangaka, English teachers, etc.


In any case, whatever background they have, everybody is really friendly and respectful to each other. We always help each other when someone is in trouble. It really feel like a family... A big family!

I never had to push for getting help. Even without asking, people were always coming by themselves if they saw me struggling with something. I'm glad I was also able to help a lot of people myself as well. It's a great feeling!


-SA: Do yo have any memorable episode to share with us?

- Ishida: There are so many things to talk about...
I think my best memory was the cooking battles we organized. That was so funny. It was new-tenants VS old-tenants, a battle of who cook the best! A jury composed with various tenants was there to judge the taste and presentation for each member.

We even had a trophy for the big winner! He had to put that trophy at his doorstep (in the private box next to the door) until the next battle, where he would have to put back his title back into the game.


New tenants who just moved-in after this battle could easily understand who won just by looking at the door.
The winner also had to organize the next battle and decide on a new theme and rules.

I could literally talk about those memories for ages!


It literally breaks my heart just thinking about living this place one day! Every time a tenant moves-out, it's a big emotional moment for everybody. Even if we know we can still meet that person outside the residence, I can't stop having this weird feeling, like saying goodbye to a family member.

I welcomed new members here, saw their lifestyle changed, take big turns in their life! Opening their own business, changing location, going abroad, getting married... It's like we all shared and experienced those events together. Many couples met each other in my Social Apartment. We celebrated so many marriage here. I will never forget those people!


More than 100 people living in the same place can be scary at first. But just think about all the new people, opportunities and events you will encounter during your stay there! Possibilities are almost unlimited.

I would really advise people to give it a try and experience a new lifestyle!

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Smart luxury living and casual encounters. Our largest Social Apartment in the Chiba area is waiting for you!

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308 1BR 12.35㎡ ¥44000 DETAIL

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