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The Millennials Kyoto FREE TRIAL STAY ★ Special Deal for SA Residents


The Millennials Kyoto FREE TRIAL STAY ★ Special Deal for SA Residents

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We would like to thank all of our tenants at Social Apartment for choosing us as your new home in Japan!
We hope that everyone is enjoying their summer vacation!

We’d like to announce that Global Agents has recently opened a new designer capsule hotel in Kyoto "THE MILLENNIALS".


In honor of the grand opening, and to provide an opportunity for exchange with other Social Apartment residents, we are happy to offer a FREE STAY at this brand new concept hotel for all Social Apartment residents. If you haven’t made plans for Summer travel yet, why not come and have a designer experience in one of Japan’s most historical cities at THE MILLENNIALS KYOTO?


【Free Trial Stay Conditions】
・Limited to current residents only
・Because this promotion is for the purpose of exchange and interaction, please apply in groups of 3 or more. Groups spanning different Social Apartments are of course welcome!
・Offer applies to the periods of August 20th-25th. Any stay outside these periods will be charged normally, so please be careful in making your reservation.
・Free stay applies for 1 night only. For stays of 2 nights or more, the second night onward will be charged normally.
・We kindly ask that all participating guests review us on trip advisor following their stay.
(There is a panel at the front desk with an easy sign-up/review option. We thank you immensely for any feedback you provide.)
・In line with this event, we will be taking occasional photographs that may be uploaded to our Home Page or used in other promotional materials.

Reservations can be made at the site below▼

① From the homepage select 「BOOK NOW」.
② Input your check-in and check-out date.
③ Input your number of guests and then select「Available Room Information」
④ Make your “Smart-Pod” selections and then click the 「Reservation」button.
 ※A daily rate will be displayed, but will not be charged to SA residents
 ※One pod per person. Make certain to select the proper number of rooms for the people in your party.
⑤ Input your guest information
 ※In the name portion please put your (Property Name+Room Number+Guest Name).
(Ex: Gokokuji #111 – Taro Tanaka)
⑥ Please select a representative from your group who will input their address and credit card information.
  ※The reservation system requires a credit card, but no charges will be made to your card.

【Important Points】
Depending on our booking situation, it may not be possible to offer you rooms on the day you select. We thank you for your understanding. The hotel is not reserved exclusively for SA residents. There will be normal customers as well, so please be sure to show them the proper level of courtesy and respect.

We are very excited to offer you a chance to stay at our brand new, luxury take on the famous “Capsule Hotel.”
We hope to see you soon in Kyoto!

Point of Contact: Tanaka –

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