All Social Apartments have housekeeping services for the common area, 4-6 times a week. Some of the Social Apartments also provide cleaning services for your private room at an extra charge.
*Frequency of housekeeping service differs between apartments.


We connect real-life community by using the internet community platform. Social apartment has a SNS where you can share information with other residents ? share anything you like - your photos, logs or even cool restaurant information. No matter how busy you are, this platform allows you to stay connected, even if you don’t have enough time to go to the lounge.
This interface for communication is one of the main aspects that our Social Apartment attracts media attention as a place which provides an “advanced lifestyle”.


One of the greatest experiences in life can be gained through “new discoveries”. Our Social Apartment provides a platform for communication with a great diversity of people. You will meet people that you may not meet at your workplace, your school or your standard circle of friends. The Social Apartment provides opportunities for such new discoveries, and the social networking party is also a great way to discover and meet new people.


This is our own unique service which you cannot find at other apartments or guesthouses. Wake up in the morning, walk out the entrance and you will find a chartered bus waiting for you to take you to the rural parts of Japan. The bus will take you to the ocean for marine sports, to the mountains for winter sports, to the river for rafting and many more! Just hop back on the bus and it will take you straight home to your apartment. After a long day, enjoy a nice hot bath or quality time at the Lounge with your fellow residents to reflect on the fun-filled day. This service will enable you to enjoy the weekend at its fullest!


We strive to provide top service and exciting events for our residents.
But we are a venture company and we are still new at this. We hope you understand that we will keep trying our best but there may be times where a party or an even may not turn out perfectly.
We will continue to do our best to provide the platform for a rich and fulfilling lifestyle, and at the same time, strongly encourage our residents to take initiative. We strongly believe that, the more residents take initiatives, the more the community will flourish and the more your life at the Social Apartment will become enjoyable.
Please enjoy your fruitful life at the Social Apartment!

The Lounge is used for different purposes. On some days, it can be used as a learning space for a language lesson or a cooking lesson. If you speak English and wish to learn Japanese, the lounge can be the perfect place to communicate with other Japanese residents.