Better Together Discount

For those entering into Social Apartment along with a friend, we are pleased to offer our new Social Discount which gives you 20,000 yen cash back to you both!
Throughout February, March, and April any new residents who know a friend entering Social Apartments within this same period are eligible for this special offer.
Even if you’re entering separate Social Apartments, you are still eligible, so make sure to take advantage of this while the heavy moving season lasts!

Campaign Terms and Conditions
Please tell your representative the name and phone number of your friend who is also entering Social Apartment at the time of your application.
After confirming with both parties, we will be happy to let you take part in this program.

  • *This program is subject to ending without prior notice
  • *Program only applicable to 1 and 2 year contracts
  • *Program may not apply in all cases
  • *Program not available for some properties