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ソーシャルアパートメント, 長期割引, social apartment, シェアハウス



Designed in conjunction with well-known designers and architects is our largest property; Social Apartment Shin-kemigawa. Come experience this fully modern and attractive Social Apartment in Chiba Prefecture, only 8 minutes walk from Shin-kemigawa station (JR Sobu line).

Making use of the huge property, we've filled this Social Apartment with a variety of exciting spaces to ensure that Shin-kemigawa truly has something for everyone.

The 160 square meters main lounge has been designed with three separated themed areas – Living, Dining, and Playing. Feel free to lounge on one of the custom-made sofas, to grab a bite at the inviting dining tables, or immerse yourself in a game or movie with the 60-inch television and provided gaming consoles.

For music-lovers, there is a soundproof music studio set up to allow you to practice, play, and produce to your heart's content. A rare find in any apartment, be sure to use this exclusive sound-proofed space to make some music with your fellow residents.

If you're looking to exercise, there is a 40 square meter fitness gym equipped with mirrors and a 40-inch TV. Perfect for Yoga, Dance, or just working up a sweat in general, this dedicated workout space is perfect for people looking to move their bodies.

For the ladies, there is a beauty and relaxation room where you can enjoy the spa-like atmosphere and make use of the provided massage chair. Fully stocked with the latest Japanese beauty products, this is an excellent place for our female residents to take a break and unwind.

You'll also find an open area library where you can feel free to focus on your work or studies while looking out the window at the gorgeous cherry blossom trees near the property.

With a huge space available for you to roam around-400 square meters in total-your sure to find a lifestyle that suits your refined tastes at Shin-kemigawa. Don't miss out on the chance to live the exciting life waiting for you here!


Name of apartment Social Apartment Shin-Kemigawa 
Address 4-chome  6-8  Chiba-ken Hanamigawa-ku Asahigaoka  Chiba
Access JR Sobu-line Shin-kemigawa 8-minute walk
Rent 39,000~51,000 yen(45,000yen Most priced)
Utilities Please see the room list
Common facilities
Year built 1989/3 Year renovated 2012/ 4
Brokerage fee 0 month Fire insurance 500 yen(0 year)
Re-contract fee 15,000yen(+tax) Guarantee company -
Parking lot 7
8,000 yen per month, tax excluded
Bike parking 23
2,000 yen per month, tax excluded
Period of contract 1 or 2 year contract
Please ask for assistance if less than 1 year.
Residence type Long-term 
Available date 2012-04-22 Registration date 2012-03-26
Scale - Structure Reinforced concrete building
# of rooms 102 rooms Frequency of housekeeping 5 days a week
Embodiment trading Lessor Management Co. Global Agents Co.,LTD.
Comments ※The price is for 2 years plan


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