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Social Life on the Hill

Situated in the middle of one the most popular residential areas in Yokohama – Social Apartment Eda looks over the peaceful land of Aoba district from the top of the hill.

Thanks to a revolutionary reconstruction process, this 40 year old building has been reborn as a stylish living space at the intersection of modern and retro styles.

The spacious 80m2 lounge room is simply yet elegantly designed, furnished with a 52-inch TV and comfortable beanbag and rocking chairs. Having been recently renovated and opened up even further, creating a wide open space perfect for interaction among residents.

The play lounge features a 100-inch projector screen, a billiard table and dartboards for your enjoyment. In the daylight the room makes full use of natural light streaming in through the uniquely designed windows. Once night falls, the space is illuminated with subtle yet sophisticated colored lighting, that gives the whole space a uniquely understated fashionable atmosphere.

When you need to wind down, why not take a soak in the semi-outdoor bath, big enough to spread your legs, lean back and relax in. From the open air window you can look out toward the increasingly impressive skyline of the Futako-Tamagawa area; a simply breath-taking view.

As one of our most international properties, Eda is also an excellent place to meet people from all over the world. Take advantage of the chance to learn about new languages, places, and cultures, all in the comfort and warmth of your own home. For those seeking to expand their horizons, this is the place for you!

Come experience the fun, relaxation, and social interactions you never could in a normal one room apartment. It's waiting for you at Social Apartment Eda.


Name of apartment Social Apartment Eda 
Address 4  50-1  Yokohama-shi Aoba-ku Eda-cho  Kanagawa
Access Den-En Toshi Line Eda 12-minute walk
Rent 49,000~53,000 yen(53,000yen Most priced)
Utilities Please see the room list
Common facilities
Year built 1970/ Year renovated 2009/ 7
Rei-kin 0 month Fire insurance 500 yen(0 year)
Re-contract fee 15000(+ TAX) Guarantee company -
Parking lot Bike parking
Period of contract 1 or 2 year contract
Please ask for assistance if less than 1 year.
Residence type Long-term 
Available date 1970-01-01 Registration date 2010-02-11
Scale Structure
# of rooms 70 rooms Frequency of housekeeping 5 days a week
Embodiment trading Management Co. Global Agents Co.,LTD.
Comments -


Takeshi Yamasaki Nice Viewing Kohoku new city with liquor and TV in mobile phone in big bath tub.Looking forward to weekend.
Yuichiro Mori There will be various country food on the table of lounge in weekend of Eda in which international residents live.

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