2016/5/1 OPEN!

ソーシャルアパートメント, 長期割引, social apartment, シェアハウス


Arriving at last in Futakotamagawa.

A mere 14 minutes away from Shibuya, in the booming, increasingly popular area of Futakotamagawa, a new Social Apartment is set to take the stage.

The area around Futakotamagawa station is filled with excellent opportunities for dining and entertainment, with Takashimaya and the newly finished Futakotamagawa Rise shopping centers serving as hubs for not only shopping, but also gourmet dining, art installations, and plenty of entertainment options. With well-known storefronts like Tsutaya Kadden, and restaurants such as Bills, this is a trendy vibrant neighborhood that just keeps getting better.

Meanwhile the area around the property itself is quiet and has plenty of natural beauty, with nearby parks and other areas for residents to enjoy. And with just a short walk to the banks of the Tamagawa river you can set your heart at ease as you take in the sprawling sky that is so hard to find in the giant metropolis of Tokyo.

The property is about a 20 minute walk from the station by foot, which situates it slightly far at first glance. However, because of this, the surrounding area is incredibly peaceful, and a bus stop directly in front of the property helps to mitigate the distance substantially. By bus, it’s a mere 5 minutes to Futakotamagawa station, and about 12 minutes to Seijou-gakuen station on the Odakyu line. With buses coming up to 5 times per hour, this is an excellent way to cut your commute time.

Designed around “a daily life of cycling,” the apartment’s lounge area has been renovated to allow you to ride your bicycle into it. This is the first lounge of it’s kind in Social Apartment, and is sure to change the way our residents make use of our spacious lounge area. Enjoy espresso while maintaining your bike, gather in the lounge and ride out together, stop in at the end of the day and chat without breaking stride; this new style of lounge is certain to make your life outside and inside of your apartment more seamless. And of course we gladly provide indoor parking for bicycles in order to keep it a well-functioning part of your daily-life. For those looking to maintain their fitness, you can even bike into work as far as Shibuya or further if you please!

In addition, feel free to enjoy the huge 120-inch screen in the theater room, focus on your next big project in the dedicated workspace, or to enjoy a BBQ with friends on the attached terrace. The opportunities to enjoy your new home with your fellow residents extend past the lounge, giving you ample opportunity to enjoy your exciting new lifestyle.

The rooms themselves are all standard 1Ks with their own bath, toilet, and small kitchen provided, which insures that on days when you would like to relax alone, there is plenty of privacy to be had. All rooms face east, and without any large buildings in the way, receive plenty of sun to help start your morning on the right foot.

The property is scheduled for opening from the end of April to the beginning of May.
This is sure to become one of our most popular properties, so be sure to sign up for a viewing session as soon as you can!


Name of apartment Neighbors Futakotamagawa 
Address 3-  14-4  Kamata , Setagaya-ku, Tokyo-to  Tokyo
Access Tokyu Denentoshi-line Futakotamagawa Station 20-minute walk
Tokyu bus Kinuta minami chugakko mae -minute walk
Rent 57,000~78,000 yen(68,000yen Most priced)
Utilities Please see the room list
Common facilities
Year built 1992/2 Year renovated 2016/ 5
Brokerage fee 0 month Fire insurance 500 yen(0 year)
Re-contract fee 15,000yen+tax Guarantee company Designated guarantee company
Parking lot 1
21,600 yen per month, tax excluded
Bike parking 6
3,240 yen per month, tax excluded
Period of contract 1 or 2 year contract
Please ask for assistance if less than 1 year.
Residence type Long-term 
Available date 2016-05-01 Registration date 2016-02-28
Scale 4-stories Structure Reinforced concrete building
# of rooms 75 rooms Frequency of housekeeping 5 days a week
Embodiment trading Lessor Management Co. Global Agents Co.,LTD.



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