A relaxing resort in the midst of the urban jungle.
A wonderful place to take a break from your busy life, kick back, and relax!

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The City Resort 

When you hear the word “resort,” the image that springs to mind is likely that of a sprawling beach next to a lavish hotel, but we at Social Apartments believe that the idea of a “resort” can mean a lot more than that. In reality, a resort is any place where you can escape the dreary drudgery of the day to day: a place that is extraordinary. Neighbors Motoyawata is a place where the ordinary meets the extraordinary; a place where your “everyday” can be so much more than you’ve ever imagined.

An area that is well known as the starting point of the Toei Shinjuku Line; Motoyawata Station. Along with the JR Sobu Lines, this is one of the top five most popular stations in all of Chiba prefecture. Directly in front of the station you’ll find Nikke Colton Plaza, a large shopping area complete with a Toho Cinemas and sports grounds which adds an air of both convenience and luxury to the neighborhood. But aside from the abundant shops and ammenities, this area’s popularity can be narrowed down to another reason; access to the city is simply excellent. It only takes 30 minutes to arrive at Shinjuku station in one train ride, and with a single transfer you can find yourself in Ueno or Nihonbashi in no time at all.

The walk to the apartment is a 12 minute stroll near a major street, with several large shops such as OK Mart, Seiyu, and Mega Donki to name a few. On such a well-traveled road, you can rest easy and relax on your walk home, even late at night.

The lounge space of this property is particularly exquisite, with wall to ceiling white gray coloring which gives an airy, relaxed feel to the space. Large wooden fans hang from the ceiling, providing a light, refreshing breeze which you can enjoy from the light blue and white furniture, coordinated meticulously to help you slow down and unwind. As if you had escaped to an island resort, feel free to forget about the stresses of urban life and spend your time at home lounging comfortably with your fellow residents.

In addition to the lounge you’ll find another large public room for you to enjoy. Here you can feel free to focus on projects at the work station, which is fully equipped with power outlets at every seat. A raised tatami space in the rear is equipped with low sofas and tables for you to lounge around while conversing with friends. The large projector screen and attached speakers allow you to enjoy a movie or sporting event in style.

On the rooftop terrace, you’ll find wood decking and a large outdoor sofa that give a feeling that could be mistaken for a real seaside resort. Since the surrounding area is filled with mostly low-lying houses, you’ll be able to enjoy a broad and expansive scenery that includes a commanding view of Tokyo Skytree and the East Tokyo skyline. Relaxing on a roof-top overlooking the city; a truly extraordinary experience.

All rooms are roughly 10 square meter one room types, with plenty of storage and a private balcony. At roughly 50,000 yen per month, it’s a deal we’re confident will be difficult to beat.

For the industrious people who live in Social Apartments, there are many who focus intensely on their career, day in and day out. But with a relaxing resort to come home to, we hope that you can clearly separate your “on” and “off” times, and achieve a refreshingly balanced life. Neighbors Motoyawata is the culmination of this ideal; an urban resort where you can refresh and recharge for your daily life.


Name of apartment Neighbors Motoyawata 
Address 1-  14-2  Owada, Ichikawa-shi,  Chiba
Access Toei Shinjuku Line Motoyawata Station 13-minute walk
JR Sobu Line Motoyawata Staiton 13-minute walk
Keisei Line Motoyawata -minute walk
Rent 46,000~55,000 yen(51,000yen Most priced)
Utilities Please see the room list
Common facilities
Year built 1991/3 Year renovated 2015/ 10
Brokerage fee 0 month Fire insurance 500 yen(1 year)
Re-contract fee 15,000Yen(+TAX) Guarantee company Designated guarantee company
Parking lot 1
8,640 yen per month, tax excluded
Bike parking 3
3,240 yen per month, tax excluded
Period of contract 1 or 2 year contract
Please ask for assistance if less than 1 year.
Residence type Long-term 
Available date 2015-10-10 Registration date 2015-08-28
Scale 4-stories Structure Steel construction
# of rooms 48 rooms Frequency of housekeeping 5 days a week
Embodiment trading Lessor Management Co. Global Agents Co.,LTD.



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