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ソーシャルアパートメント, 長期割引, social apartment, シェアハウス


Good Morning, Good life.

Following in the foot-steps of the highly in-demand WORLD NEIGHBORS Gokokuji, a new Social Apartment featuring a café has opened in Tachikawa.

This new café is “NEIGHBORS BRUNCH with Bread, Espresso &.” That’s right, we are proud to announce our collaboration with the well-known Omotesando shop “Bread, Espresso &”! Starting with the “Mu” bread that has been selected as one of the top ten in Japan, a large variety of popular breads is laid out before you. In the 40 seat café, you can enjoy paninis and other such delicious options as part of our All Day Brunch.

The thought of a bakery and café within your own home is certainly an incredible one, isn’t it?

In addition to rent, you choose from one of our 3 monthly café plans priced from \3,000~\10,000 with credit worth \3,500~\12,000. Please use the café in a way that fits your personal style. The choices is yours!

Good Morning, Good Life.

A good morning leads to a good day, and if every morning is good your life can be wonderful. To realize this concept, we’ve included the bakery and café in our Social Apartment. With fresh-baked bread every morning, we hope to give you the kind of luxurious start to the day that most people living by themselves wish for.

By enjoying a great breakfast we can have a great day.

But it’s not only our concept that’s great. Our location is also A-rank.
With Isetan, Takashimaya, and Lumine, along with many other stores, Tachikawa is one of the most lively and important hubs in West Tokyo. Last year IKEA Tachikawa opened, and with plans to open a new LaLaport in the area this fall, Tachikawa is definitely one of the most up-and-coming areas in Tokyo.

25 minutes from Shinjuku on the Chuo line and only 15 minutes to Kichijoji. Furthermore, using the new Nansei line, it’s possible to easily access the Keio, Odakyu, Denentoshi, and Toyoko lines, making access to the rest of West Tokyo simple!

The refreshing new style of a Social Apartment featuring a café
A bakery and café on the first floor of your home
Mornings filled with the wonderful scent of fresh-baked bread
A place where the term “living” is linked to abundance
In the new, exciting neighborhood of Tachikawa, why not try a new, exciting way of living?


Name of apartment Neighbors Tachikawa 
Address 1chome  9-14  Nishiki-Cho, Tachikawa City  Tokyo
Access JR Chuo Line Tachikawa 8-minute walk
Nanbu Line Nishikokuritsu 5-minute walk
Rent 47,000~58,000 yen(52,000yen Most priced)
Utilities Please see the room list
Common facilities
Year built 1994/2 Year renovated 2014/ 9
Brokerage fee 0 month Fire insurance 500 yen(1 year)
Re-contract fee 15,000 yen(+Tax) Guarantee company Designated guarantee company
Parking lot Bike parking
Period of contract 1 or 2 year contract
Please ask for assistance if less than 1 year.
Residence type Long-term 
Available date 2014-09-20 Registration date 2014-08-07
Scale 7-stories Structure Reinforced concrete building
# of rooms 72 rooms Frequency of housekeeping 5 days a week
Embodiment trading Lessor Management Co. Global Agents Co.,LTD.



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