Apartment Map

There are many social apartments throughout Tokyo. All social apartments are far higher quality than guest house.


Area Tokyo  Kanagawa Saitama  Chiba  Kansai  Other Area
Rent Less than 50,000 yen  50,000~80,000 yen 80,000~100,000 yen  100,000~150,000 yen  150,000~200,000 yen  200,000~250,000 yen  More than 250.000 yen
Room Type BR  1R,1K  1DK,1LDK  2DK,2LDK  3DK,3LDK
Residence type Long-term  Monthly  Daily

Apartment List

Social Apartment Denenchofu

Park side suite

A stunning Social Apartment will open in one of Tokyo’s most popular, and high-standard residential areas: Denenchofu.

Social Apartment Hino


The west city of Tokyo - Social Apartment Hino will be open in very relaxing location which is 13 minutes walk from Hino station.

Social Apartment Mitaka

Contemporary art of mosaic

Coming together with new companions from a variety of backgrounds in a creative community; experience the cultural and artistic mosaic of life in Social Apartment Mitaka.

Social Apartment Hanakoganei


20-minutes from JR Yamanote-line by Seibu-Shinjuku-line.

Social Apartment Nishiogikubo

Handcrafted Home

Scandinavian style sure to be welcoming people located by Chuo-line, an very popular residential area.

Social Apartment Komae

Feel relaxing stream of Tamagawa-river

Strategically located just inside of Tama-river, along the popular Odakyu-line. Private bathrooms and excellent access to Shinjuku!

Social Apartment Oizumigakuen

Creativity comes from playful design.

Oizumigakuen city is known as one of peaceful residential area with many parks and greens.

Social Apartment Shin-Kemigawa


Our largest social apartment is waiting for you! Come play in Shin-kemigawa!


Set up a camp in the heart of Tokyo.

TENTMENT Takanawa is just the place for those who are looking for an outdoor experience in central Tokyo.

Social Apartment Funabashi

The Great Intermediate.

There will be a new opening of Social Apartment at the big transportation nod in Funabashi city.

Social Apartment Azabu-Juban


Social apartment Azabu-juban is located in the heart of Azabu-Juban town and just 1 min from the subway station.

Social Apartment Wako

Inspire your creativity.

New open in March. Located near Wakoshi station on the Fukutoshin, Yurakucho and Tobu Tojo lines.

Neighbors Tachikawa

Good Morning, Good life.

A new social apartment featuring a café and bakery has opened in Tachiawa!
This new café is being run in collaboration with the popular Omotesando eatery “Bread, Espresso &”!

Social Apartment Eda

Social Life on the Hill

A luxurious getaway looking over Yokohama's gorgeous Aoba district

Neighbors Futakotamagawa

Arriving at last in Futakotamagawa.

A mere 14 minutes away from Shibuya, in the booming, increasingly popular area of Futakotamagawa, a new Social Apartment is set to take the stage.



The united model of social apartment and cafe will be born in Gokokuji Bunkyo-ku.


Modern yet traditional Japan

Located in the heart of Tokyo, Asakusa represent the traditional Japan and it is internationally recognised…


Cast off for new voyage

Amazing location, 10mins from JR Shinjuku line! just 5mins away from Kabuki-cho and Korean town.

Social Apartment Miyamae-daira


New Social Apartment in Miyamaedaira. It's very close to the station!


Music and Life are all about style.

A brand new Social Apartment at premium location in Kobe.


Link your future at artist's lounge.

Anteroom Osaka is highly recommended for those who work in central Osaka.


through the leafy avenue.

25mins from Shibuya.
Welcome to our social lounge.

Social Apartment Ebisu

Get connected at Ebisu

Social Apartment Ebisu is situated amongst the high-class residential area in the centre of Tokyo, approximately…

Social Apartment Omori

Modern California

Social Apartment Omori which has easy access to central Tokyo, is only a 7 minute walk from JR Omori station.

Social Apartment Harajuku

Perceive energy of text

Newly built Social Apartment opens in one of the most popular area, 'Harajuku.'

Social Apartment Shin-Kawasaki

Exceptionally heart warming

With only 19 units, social apartment Shin-Kawasaki offers an exclusive and private living space...

Neighbors Motoyawata

The City Resort 

Springing from the concept of an urban resort, a new Social Apartment promising a relaxing lifestyle!

Social Apartment Nakagawara

Like a waterside resort.

Relaxing place feeling like in a waterside resort, located nearby Tama-river. Direct access to Shinjuku by Keio-line.

Social Apartment Hoya

One garden

A new Social Apartment is making an appearance on the popular Seibu Ikebukuro Line!
There have already been a lot of reservations made, so if you’re interested please inquire soon!

Social Apartment Urayasu

Where dreams broaden out.

It could be a good one for beginner of social apartments. Just be easy to try our social life style!

Club Copora Ikebukuro

Days of improvement

The Social Apartment Ikebukuro gives you the personal space and comfortable living crave with the easily accessible social activities.

CASA GRAN Kaminoge

Tokyo secret hideout

Social Apartment Kaminoge is like a secret hideout for the ambitious and creative individuals, located…


A delicious terrace lifestyle

A residence filled with friends and food in stylish

Neighbors Miyamaedaira


In Miyamaedaira, a new Social Apartment is overflowing with the global atmosphere of the streets of New York City.


The Social Complex of Hotel & Residential

New type of hotel focused on 'social' among hotel guests, residents and visitors. Just gather in communal area to have fun!

Social Apartment Nakanoshima Sapporo

Northern Social Dining.

The social apartment has finally landed in Sapporo, the northern city of Japan.

SharePlace Yomiuri-land

Enhancement Hobby Life


SharePlace Higashi-Totsuka

In-house Lounge, rather than outside cafe.

In-house Lounge, rather than outside cafe.

SharePlace Urawa

Switching your 21st century Lifestyle.


Share Place Gotannno

Live with Scandinavian Modern Design.

Stylish apartment in Adachi-ku, Tokyo.


Social residential in

New style hotel at Kyoto